Family-Friendly Pontoon Cruises in Destin

Destin Sunset Cruises

During a Sunset Charter, you will get the best seat to watch the sky's transformation into a canvas of pink, purple, and orange, creating an almost otherworldly atmosphere. The serene waters and the gentle breeze make you feel grateful for being alive and witnessing such a magnificent phenomenon.

A Sunset Pontoon Charter will give you a newfound appreciation for nature and its beauty. Plan your next trip with Apex Pontoon Charter to experience the wonder of the Destin sunset. Destin, Florida, is a beautiful city in northwestern Florida. It is known for its pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and abundant marine life. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee dolphin sightings on every charter, but we see them on most tours.

Your Charter's Amenities

Some amenities include fully equipped ice-filled coolers and a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, the boat is fitted with Coast Guard-certified life vests to ensure our safety while we bask in the water's beauty. The price for the charter is currently $275 (prices are subject to change). Please check our online calendar for available dates.

Remember to bring a few things if you're planning a pontoon charter. First, ensure you have plenty of sunscreens, sunglasses, and a hat. You'll also want to bring towels, drinks and snacks, and some comfortable shoes for walking around the boat. Finally, get a camera to capture all the beautiful sights you'll see on your charter.

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Book A Pontoon Cruise

Experience breathtaking views in Destin when you book Sunset Pontoon Charters with Captain Tanner. The sunset cruises last two hours and can accommodate up to six passengers. Our goal is to provide the safest luxury cruises while providing our guests with an unforgettable trip touring our beautiful waters.

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